R. Kelly: New York Courtroom Decision

R. Kelly’s latest tour is stopping at courtrooms around the country to face — rather than make — the music.

His next stop is in New York City, where he’s set to face five felony charges. Last week in Illinois, he pled not guilty to 13 counts of making and procuring child pornography. He’s being charged in New York with sexual exploitation of a child, forced labor, kidnapping and transporting women and girls to engage in illegal sexual acts.

Kelly is currently in solitary confinement at a Chicago prison. He’ll be transported to New York between now and August 2nd. (Complex)

Hot Takes:

  • It kind of feels like these district attorneys and prosecutors are fighting over who gets to tear into him first.
  • It’s great that it looks like there will finally be closure and justice for the victims, but it’s still a damn shame it took this long to happen.
  • He needs to be locked up underneath the jail, never to see the light of day again.