Rihanna: Renting Out Her Hollywood Hills Mansion

After having it on the market for more than a year, Rihanna has still not found a buyer for her six-bedroom, eight-bath Hollywood Hills mansion.

So now she’s turned to renting the $8 million place. You’ll need pockets — or some wealthy pals — to sleep at Rihanna’s. She charges $35,000 a month, plus first & last and a security deposit. (Variety)

Rihanna desperately wants to ditch the three-story home, which was tainted by a stalker. In the spring of 2018, an intruder jumped the fence and disabled the security system. He sneaked into her master bedroom, unpacked his bags, charged his phone and spent the night in hopes Rihanna would have sex with him.

The next morning, he resisted arrest, so police tased him until he surrendered. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • The guy’s name was not Drake, but it could’ve been.
  • An $8 million mortgage requires payments of $38,000 per month. Might as well buy her place rather than rent.
  • Six bedrooms? If five of your friends split it with you it would only cost you each six grand a month.
  • Rihanna now lives in the same London neighborhood as Sir Paul McCartney.
  • She has estates in California and Barbados — a $22 million ocean-front property with a private white sand beach.