Lil Nas X: Answer Questions from Kids

This next video is sure to brighten up your day and make you say “Aww!”

Lil Nas X recently popped up in a classroom to answer the questions of some of his youngest fans. In a new Vice U.K. clip, the “Old Town Road” rapper is asked stuff like “What’s your favorite song that isn’t your own?” and “Did you make ‘Old Town Road’ for talent shows?” In the five minute clip, Nas comes off as patient and good-humored, enjoying lots of laughs and joking around with the kids.

Hot Takes: 

  • Forget about the music game, the sky is the limit for Lil Nas X. The kid is a star.
  • You know you’re famous when an entire room of 8-10 year olds know who you are.
  • “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”
  • He’s making all the right moves to make the most of his 15 minutes of fame.