Meek Mill: Gun Conviction Thrown Out and Possible New Trial

Meek Mill scored a big win today — his 2008 gun conviction was thrown out and he’ll get a new trial.

The new trial should be a lot different than past hearings, since the allegedly biased Judge Genece Brinkley will not preside over the case. Additionally, an officer who testified during the original trial and has since been named on a list of corrupt cops will not be used in this trial.

Meek posted on Instagram, “As of right now I’m not on probation and I am not a felon anymore. Today was mega!” (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • It’s kind of ridiculous that this is still hanging over his head on any level. But at least now he has a real shot at a fair, unbiased trial.
  • There’s a chance prosecutors will drop the case before it even goes to trial.
  • We don’t have to yell Free Meek anymore, now we can yell Meek’s Free!