Cardi B: Linking Up with Bernie Sanders for 2020 Election

Cardi B linked up with her candidate of choice in the 2020 election to talk about the issues.

Cardi posted a picture of her meeting with Bernie Sanders at the Ten Nail Bar in Detroit, where she asked him a bunch of questions submitted by fans through social media. Cardi says, “Stay tuned to see how he will fight for economic, racial and social justice for all.”

News of the campaign video arrives a few days after Cardi took to Twitter to share her regrets over how we “let [Sanders] down in 2016.”

Hot Takes:

  • Cardi is a much more visible co-sign than Killer Mike.
  • If Jay-Z and Beyonce are credited with helping Obama get elected, why can’t Cardi help Bernie?
  • Cardi has proven she has a unique ability to take complex political issues and boil them down to real talk we can all understand.
  • They should let Cardi moderate one of the debates.
  • Cardi’s a ride-or-die Bernie Bro — don’t be surprised if she takes part in some fundraising events or helps Bernie stump on the campaign trail.