A$AP Rocky: Swedish Assault Trial

A$AP Rocky’s trial began (Tuesday) in Sweden.

The rapper pleaded not guilty to an assault charge, claiming “self-defense.” Rocky’s lawyer argued that he wasn’t the one who kicked or punched the alleged victim, and said he only got involved to try and defend his bodyguard after the victim struck the enforcer in the head with headphones. And while it’s true a broken bottle was involved in the fight, Rocky’s lawyer says he accidentally stepped on a glass bottle, which became stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

The alleged victim says that video and reports of the attack, particularly claims that he was high on drugs, have hurt his reputation. He says he feared for his life and thought the rapper and his crew might kill him. Since the fight, he says he’s suffered nightmares and his hands are injured so badly he can’t work.

Rocky’s legal team plans to call the bodyguard and another person of interest to testify. They believe that video footage will also help prove his innocence.

The trial will resume on Thursday. (TMZ)

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