NBA YoungBoy: Coming Home Soon

We hear that NBA YoungBoy is expected to be released in two weeks time.

The Baton Rouge rapper was sentenced to 90 days in jail when he found himself involved in a shooting on Rolling Loud weekend. His girlfriend was struck with a bullet, while a bystander died in the crossfire.

His three-month sentence is almost over. NBA went in back in May and is due out on August 15th. But he won’t be a completely free man. He’ll remain on house arrest and be unable to perform for 14 months. He’ll also wear an ankle monitor to ensure he complies with these restrictions. (The Advocate)

Hot Takes:

  • Free YoungBoy!
  • He says he has a lot of regrets over the shooting he was caught up in, and wishes it were him that got shot.
  • Will 90 days off the streets be enough time to change his ways, or will he be right back to his old tricks?
  • It’s not like he was looking for trouble. It just happened to find him.
  • Yeah, but trouble always seems to find guys like YoungBoy.