SALT-N-PEPPER: Without Spinderella

A 35-year friendship and career is coming to an end.

Earlier this month, Spinderella sued Salt-N-Pepa, alleging she was kicked out of the group while her name and likeness was still used in promotions. She sued for $600,000 in unpaid royalties over the past decade, trademark infringement, fraud and breach of contract.

Now, the two rappers themselves have weighed in. In legal filings, the duo says, “After decades of friendship, Spinderella (real name Deidra Muriel Roper) has embarked on a smear campaign, and sued her friends, based on blatantly erroneous assertions… The truth, however, is that Salt and Pepa have always tried to do right by Spinderella.”

They say Spin actually decided to quit years ago and later asked to rejoin the group. She asked to be paid per show and the group agreed.

They say if the issue is about Spinderella’s likeness not appearing and her name not being mentioned, they’re happy to make sure she’s cut out of the picture completely. (The Blast)

Hot Takes:

  • A 35-year friendship is a lot to throw away.
  • After 35 years, they probably know each other too well, if anything. They can probably predict what the other will do or say in response.
  • What’s Spinderella without Salt-N-Pepa?
  • What’s Salt-N-Pepa without Spinderella?
  • And this is why you should always get everything in writing.
  • She might have just given up her meal ticket by letting the money train pull away without her.