DONALD TRUMP: Says Mass Shootings Are a “Mental Illness Problem”

Donald Trump responded to the weekend’s two mass shootings that left at least 29 people dead in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, by saying “hate has no place in our country.”

Speaking to reporters in Morristown, New Jersey before he boarded Air Force One, Trump said, “We have to get it stopped. This has been going on for years and we have to get it stopped.”

Trump said he’ll make a full statement on the shootings on Monday and he has discussed the situation with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General William Barr as well as members of Congress.

He added, “This is also a mental illness problem. These are people that are very, very seriously mentally ill.” (CNBC)

Hot Takes:

  • OK, so it’s a mental illness problem, but it’s mentally ill people with guns that are doing all the killing.
  • Some would say that Trump has been stoking that hatred and divisiveness, even before he was elected president.
  • Whatever the case, it’s time we do something about it – now!