Lauryn Hill: Hour Late to Concert and Response was “Sorry”

She was an hour late to perform and her set was cut short, but now Lauryn Hill is taking accountability and saying sorry for that headlining gig in Glasgow.

We previously reported how a restless crowd booed the Miseducation performer for her tardiness and unprofessionalism. But now Ms. Hill has responded on social media. She writes on Facebook, “My sincere apologies Glasgow for the late show and shorter set. I appreciate the energy and support I did receive from the great crowd, and the patience of the promoters. I hope to come back and make it up to the Glasgow audience. It is only with great respect and Love for my art and the audience that I take the stage every performance. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Europe, the crowds have been great and incredibly receptive. I look forward to my upcoming shows in Poland, Italy, Denmark, and the U.K. Again, thank you, and my sincerest apologies for that shorter set.”

If you’re getting deja vu, it could be because it was only last November that Lauryn showed up late to gigs in Brussels and Paris, before blaming delays on “the kinks of moving the production to Europe, with time changes and curfew restrictions.”

Hot Takes:

  • An hour late, a set cut short and you think a “sorry” is gonna cut it?
  • Hopefully she can pull it together before this whole tour is a flop.
  • She hopes to come back and make it up to the fans? Yeah, so do they! Here’s a tip to our Scottish friends — don’t hold your breath.
  • At least she owned it instead of making excuses.
  • Pulling a Lauryn Hill should be on Urban Dictionary.