BOY SCOUTS: Face a Major Abuse Lawsuit

Another hallowed institution is facing a major sexual abuse lawsuit.

A suit against the Boy Scouts of America was filed late yesterday (Monday) identifies at least 350 former scouts not named in the organization’s disciplinary files who say they were abused. The incidents have taken place over the past eight decades.

USA Today analysis of the list says, “The accused tended to be men of stature in their communities, most of whom volunteered as troop leaders or assistant troop leaders. They were police officers and members of the military, teachers and a mayor, doctors and a child psychologist.”

The BSA has 20 days to respond to the suit. It says it takes the allegations seriously, and that as a result of the new accusations, it has already referred 120 reports to law enforcement.

Hot Takes:

  • The BSA is already facing declining membership as young people find new avenues to pursue their interests. This could kill the group.
  • At least the Boy Scouts were proactive once they got the list — unlike the Catholic Church, which has done everything it can to cover up reports of abuse.