Cardi B: Wants Her Business Between Ex-Manger Kept a Secret

Cardi B says her money is her business.

The rapper wants a judge to keep private information private in her upcoming trial against former manager Shaft. She fears potential evidence like text messages with Offset, financial records and even footage of Cardi in court could turn into highly circulated, out-of-context “video clips and GIFs.”

Shaft thinks that’s laughable since she overshares personal information on social media all the time. He argues that just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she deserves special treatment.

A judge has yet to decide on the matter. (The Blast)

Hot Takes:

  • Cardi and her team know exactly how something goes viral. They’re not trying to have her become a meme for the wrong reasons.
  • I mean, Cardi has a point. There is more interest in something that happens involving her than the average guy or gal.
  • Cardi isn’t looking for more “Press” at this point.