Tay-K: Texas Authorities Want Him Tried as an Adult

Two weeks after he was sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder, we’ve learned that Texas authorities want Tay-K tried as an adult in a different capital murder case.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Bexar County prosecutors want the 19-year-old to stand trial as an adult for a murder that took place back in April 2017. Tay-K Is accused of shooting and killing 23-year-old Mark Salldivar outside at Chick-Fil-A while on the run from the law.

Hot Takes:

  • He was tried as an adult for the most recent trial, too.
  • Free Tay-K!
  • They’re gonna put this kid under the prison.
  • It seems like a foregone conclusion that he’s going to spend most of his life — or at least all of his prime — behind bars.
  • Sounds like Tay-K is just a bad person.