THREAT: Teen Arrested for Threaten to Blow Up a Plane

A Texas teen is under arrest and facing terrorism charges after he threatened to blow up a plane in a Snapchat post.

Federal officials were tipped off to the post in which 17-year-old Hector Fernando Fonseca shared a photo of George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and said, “Time to blow up the plane.” The threat was made on August 2nd and the FBI was alerted about it the next day. By that time, however, Fonseca had already taken a flight from Houston to Guatemala.

Feds, with help from Snapchat and one of Fonseca’s friends, were able to track him down and waited for him to return to Houston this past Saturday, when he was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Hot Takes:

  • Why did it take a day for the FBI to learn about this threat? Shouldn’t Snapchat have alerted the feds sooner?
  • Why didn’t the FBI have him arrested in Guatemala? Why was he allowed to board another flight back to Houston?
  • He’s 17 years old. He was probably just popping off, but still — all threats should be taken seriously.