PRISON RIOT: 200 Inmates Brawled in California

Corrections officers successfully broke up a “large-scale riot” at a prison in Soledad, California on Wednesday.

Officials at the prison say a fight involving 200 inmates broke out in the yard and officers fired warning shots and used non-lethal rounds to break it up. When the dust settled, eight inmates required hospitalization for cuts, bruises and puncture wounds, and another 50 were treated for minor injuries. No prison staffers were hurt.

Officials say they recovered makeshift weapons and the cause of the brawl is under investigation. (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Officials say they were able to break it all up in about 12 minutes. That’s pretty good.
  • Corrections officers are well-prepared for this sort of thing and they clearly knew what they were doing.
  • 200 prisoners in a yard together sounds like the recipe for disaster.