Terrorist Threat: Florida Man Wanted to Attempt the Largest Mass Shooting

A Florida man, who says he is fascinated with mass shootings, was arrested over the weekend for sending text messages in which he expressed a desire to “break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever.”

Police arrested 25-year-old Tristan Wix of Daytona Beach after intercepting some texts he sent to an unknown person in which he said he wanted to kill 100 people. He also said he had a location picked out for his attack, but didn’t reveal what it was. He was arrested on Friday at a supermarket and charged with making written threats to kill. Police say Wix denied owning any guns but said he has a fascination with mass shootings. (WKMG-TV)

Hot Takes:

  • It’s unclear who authorities obtained these text messages or who the recipient was.
  • Whoever received these texts likely went to the police, and it’s a good thing he or she did.
  • It’s very frightening that some people are fascinated with mass shootings.
  • This sicko said in one of his texts that he wanted to die “and have fun doing it.” He also said he’d like to have someone do it with him.