50 CENT: Gave Wendy Williams the Un-Welcome Mat at His Party

50 Cent rolled out the un-welcome mat for Wendy Williams over the weekend, telling security to deny her entrance if she tried to get into his hyped Tycoon Pool Party in New Jersey.

Wendy showed up and, sure enough, Fitty’s guys gave her the thumbs-down, much to the rapper’s delight. He posted a video clowning her, writing “You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. B***H wait outside.”

Wendy managed to sneak by the muscle at some point, though: She posted some selfies from the party, including one with a smiling Snoop Dogg.


Hot Takes:

  • These are grown-ass adults….can’t they get past this stuff already?
  • Fif has a point. Wendy’s thrown a lot of shade his way over the years, so why come to drink his booze?
  • Maybe Snoop and Martha Stewart could roll a couple up and stage a peaceful intervention.