ERIC GARNER: Cop Fired is Now Planning to Sue

 Daniel Pantaleo, the New York cop who was fired Monday because of his role in the death of Eric Garner, plans to sue Police Commissioner James O’Neill to get his job back, his lawyer said Monday.

The legal action will be filed under Article 78, which allows for the appeal of decisions made by government officials on the grounds they were “arbitrary and capricious.”

If Pantaleo wins the lawsuit, he’ll get his job back and receive damages for lost wages. (New York Post)

Hot Takes:

  • Pantaleo should quit while he’s behind. He lost his job, but many believe he also belongs behind bars for the murder of Eric Garner.
  • The incident happened in 2014. Why did it take so long for the NYPD to make a move?
  • If Pantaleo wins this suit and gets reinstated, expect protests. Garner’s death helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement.