JAMIE FOXX: New Lady Graduated High School in 2018

Jamie Foxx, who was dumped by Katie Holmes in May, has taken up with a teenager. In June, the 51-year-old Oscar-winner started dating Sela Vave, who graduated high school only 15 months ago!

That makes Sela several years younger than Jamie’s daughter, Shazam! co-host Corinne Foxx. (New York Post)

Sela is a double-threat model and singer. Jamie Foxx is supposedly “helping her out” and using his connections to propel Sela’s music career. (People)

Hot Takes:

  • Suri Cruise at 13 may be closer in age to Sela than Sela is to 25-year-old Corinne.
  • During her sophomore year, Sela played on the school’s varsity basketball team.
  • Must’ve used a fake ID to enter Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows. (TMZ)
  • Jamie Foxx is full-blown midlife crisis running around with a teenager.
  • To calculate your dating range, any partner must be at least seven years older than half your age. For Foxx that is 32-plus.