U.S. Space Command Set to Launch on August 29th

The Space Force is a go.

Vice President Mike Pence announced Tuesday that the U.S. Space Command will officially launch on August 29th and will serve as the precursor for the Space Force.

Pence said, “The United States Space Force will ensure that our nation is prepared to defend our people, defend our interests, and defend our values in the expanse of space and here on Earth with technologies that will support our common defense for the vast reaches of outer space.”

The Space Force still has to get funding from Congress, but Pence said Tuesday he expects that to occur soon. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Do we really need a Space Force if we already have an Air Force?
  • Wouldn’t funds for the Space Force be better spent to solve some of the problems we have here on Earth?
  • Make space great again!