DWAYNE JOHNSON: Highest Paid Actor in 2019

Dwayne Johnson is having a hell of a week. Just days after getting married, the star was named the highest-paid actor in the world, according to Forbes.

The Hobbes & Shaw star earned $89.4 million between June 1st, 2018 ad June 1st, 2019, holding off a slew of Marvel actors to top the list. Besides his movie work, Rock, who was last number-one in 2016, also gets $700,000 per episode for HBO’s Ballers.

Right behind him was Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth ($76.4 million) and Robert Downey Junior ($66 million) at number-three and number-four, respectively. Endgame stars Bradley Cooper ($57 million), Chris Evans ($43.5 million) and Paul Rudd ($41 million) also made the list.

International stars Akshay Kumar ($65 million) and Jackie Chan ($58 million) rounded out the Top 5.


  1. Dwayne Johnson: $89.4 million
  2. Chris Hemsworth: $76.4 million
  3. Robert Downey Junior: $66 million
  4. Akshay Kumar: $65 million
  5. Jackie Chan: $58 million
  6. Adam Sandler: $57 million
  7. Bradley Cooper: $57 million
  8. Chris Evans: $43.5 million
  9. Paul Rudd: $41 million
  10. Will Smith: $35 million