IMMIGRATION: Trump Wants a New Law to Detain Migrants Indefinite

Migrant families who enter the U.S. illegally could now be held indefinitely thanks to a new regulation introduced by the Trump administration on Wednesday. It replaces an old court agreement that put a limit on how long the government could detain migrants and called for a certain level of care that they should receive.

The agreement, known as the Flores settlement, limited the detainment of migrants for 20 days in immigration jails. Trump has often complained about the “catch and release” of migrant families.

The new rule will have to be approved by a federal judge before it can go into effect and White House officials acknowledge that it will likely face an immediate legal challenge. (The New York Times)

Hot Takes:

  • If Trump doesn’t want migrants here, why hold them indefinitely? Why not send them back?
  • Someone is spending a lot and making a lot on those detainment centers.
  • If illegal immigrants don’t want to face the wrath of Trump, maybe they shouldn’t attempt to come to the U.S.