PLANE CRASH: All Survived the Emergency Landing in Santa Barbara

There was another plane crash Sunday night in California and, like several other recent crashes, everyone on board miraculously survived.

The latest crash involved a C-130 transport plane which attempted an emergency landing in Santa Barbara, but crashed and burst into flames. All seven people on board were able to escape and walk away uninjured. Investigators say the Phoenix-bound plane experienced hydraulic problems shortly after taking off from Santa Maria, California and diverted to Santa Barbara. It landed but was unable to stop and skidded off the runway. (CBS News)

Hot Takes:

  • This recent rash of plane crashes is very troubling, but also incredible that no has been killed or even seriously hurt.
  • In each case, the pilots seemed to perform very well and were able to recognize that something was wrong with the plane.
  • This was the fourth plane crash in the news in less than two weeks. It includes the one in Tennessee which Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family escaped from.