AMAZON RAIN-FOREST FIRE: Brazil Rejects a $20 Million Pledge from World Leaders

The Amazon rainforest is burning at an alarming rate, and Brazil, which could use a lot of help in battling the blazes, has just rejected $20 million in aid pledged by the members of the G7 summit.

The G7, which includes Donald Trump and French president Emmanuel Macron, pledged $20 million to help combat the fire, but Brazil said “no thanks” because it wasn’t involved in the discussion. Brazil’s ambassador to France said, “We refuse because we see interference. [It’s] help we didn’t ask for.” (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • There have been 74,000 wildfires in the Amazon rainforest this year.
  • Brazil’s president has been accused of encouraging the deforestation of the Amazon, and rejecting help to fight the fire makes the accusations look warranted.
  • Leaving Brazil alone to fight these fires is a big mistake because they’re not going to take care of it.
  • It’s happening in Brazil, but it’s a global environmental crisis, and other world leaders are right to try to intervene.
  • $20 million is less than the production cost of most major studio movies. Something that starts with a B would be more helpful — and harder to turn down.