BEDBUGS: The New York Times Workplace Infested

Employees at The New York Times main office have been told that their workspace is infested with bedbugs.

Officials in charge of building operations sent a memo to staff, acknowledging that evidence of the pests was discovered on every floor of the newsroom.

The officials vow to sweep all areas and are formulating a plan to rid the workspaces of the pests. (Slate)

As the news began trending, Trump-haters found a 2017 bedbug lawsuit that was settled against his Doral resort in Florida, which is where the President wants next year’s G7 conference to be held.

Hot Takes:

  • There’s some gross stuff at work, like outdated food in the break room fridge and coworkers who don’t wash their hands… But this takes things to a whole new level.
  • Reports from inside the building suggest that some employees were “freaking out.” That sounds about right.
  • That’s got to be tough to focus on your work when you know you’re surrounded by nearly invisible insects that live on human blood and can easily be transported home.
  • New York has had a growing bedbug for years. Hotels, theaters, homes, offices, restaurants — no place thing is safe.
  • Everyone in New York knows about Roscoe, the bedbug-sniffing dog.