PRESIDENT TRUMP: Skipped Discussion on Globe Changing Climate at G-7 Summit

President Trump skipped a discussion on the globe’s changing climate with other world leaders at the G-7 summit in southwest France.

He was scheduled to attend the session with the other world leaders involved at the summit, but didn’t show up.

His absence drew criticism because the leaders present used some of the time during this session to discuss how to help with the Amazon rainforest fires, which most people in power consider a global environmental emergency. (The Guardian)

Hot Takes:

  • As a world leader, Donald Trump can show up or not show up to pretty much any meeting he wants. Must be nice.
  • Then again, isn’t 80 percent of success in life about showing up?
  • Even if there’s disagreement, showing up seems like the way to go. What harm is there in hearing everyone out and trying to find common ground?
  • He really doesn’t want to address this issue, does he? It could hurt his standing with the oil and coal industries back home.