Raging Water: Massive Brawl Spark by a Beach Towel in California

A massive brawl at a water park in California involved two families, 40 people and a beach towel which started the melee.

Police say the fight at Raging Waters in Sacramento started when one family allegedly took a towel belonging to a member of another family. That’s all it took to spark a brawl which left one man unconscious and in a coma. Cops say there was also a lot of alcohol involved.

It is unclear whether anyone else was hurt or if any arrests were made. The incident is still under investigation. The fight forced the water park to close for the rest of the day. (Fox News)

Hot Takes:

  • Of course there was alcohol involved.
  • Raging Waters is an appropriate name.
  • You have to assume there will be arrests. The park should also be compensated for having to close for the rest of the day.
  • It’s not a good idea to offer alcoholic beverages at a water park.