A$AP ROCKY: Swedish Prosecutor Refuses to Appeal Suspended Sentence

Swedish prosecutor Daniel Suneson says he will not appeal A$AP Rocky’s suspended sentence.

Suneson told Variety that he thinks what Rocky did warrants more than a two month sentence, but isn’t going to fight to add more time. Suneson’s view is “all three defendants have been brought to justice for assault and the District Court has dismissed the plea of self-defense, something that I believe was important to clarify.”

Of course, Rocky himself was also disappointed by the verdict though happy to keep things moving forward and no longer be locked down in Sweden.

Hot Takes:

  • What’s important is Flacko is free and this is all in the rear-view now.
  • Sounds like they compromised in the end. Even if neither part is happy with the end result, they wound up with a verdict they can both live with.
  • Now can we finally move on?
  • Meek just put a 2007 charge behind him over a decade later. In some ways, Rocky is lucky this was all over so swiftly.