JUDGE MATHIS: Accused of Spitting on Valet Driver

Television judge Greg Mathis may soon find himself in a courtroom that’s not his.

The star of Judge Mathis is accused of losing his cool outside a restaurant in Detroit and spitting on a valet who took too long to retrieve his Rolls Royce. The valet was busy getting someone else’s car and apologized for taking a long time, but Mathis chewed him out in front of other customers and then spit on him before getting in his car and driving away.

There are many witnesses who watched the whole thing play out and the valet filed a police report. The case is under investigation and the valet has lawyered up. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Witnesses should make his defense very difficult.
  • His case should be televised. Let’s see how he likes being berated by a judge.
  • Actually that’s not a bad idea. He should televise his case.