RAPPER LIL DELL: Wanted for Murder

A 19-year-old Florida rapper by the name of Lil Dell is wanted in connection to a murder that took place on Memorial Day.

Dell, whose real name is Cordellious Dyess, was allegedly part of a group of teenagers who fired more than 40 shots at a crowd in the parking lot of the Platinum Night Club in Pensacola, Florida, targeting a rival gang member. A stray bullet struck and killed a woman named Elizabeth Harris.

Three teens, ages 17, 18 and 19 have been arrested in connection with the shooting, but Dyess is currently on the run. (Local ABC-TV Affiliate)

Hot Takes:

  • What is it with these young kids that has them all out here acting so reckless?
  • It’s a shame to think that we’re learning some of these artists’ names for all the wrong reasons.
  • 19 is definitely old enough to know better.
  • Why’s it always gotta be Florida?
  • It might be a different situation if there wasn’t an innocent bystander involved in the shooting.