Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper: Next Big Thing a New Show ‘Rhythm and Flow’

Cardi BT.I. and Chance The Rapper are looking for the next big thing in hip-hop in the new show Rhythm [and] Flow.

A new teaser trailer gives us the first look at the “3 week event” coming to Netflix. The competition series held auditions in New York, Atlanta and Chicago.

John Legend is the executive producer. Other artists and music execs are expected to appear through the series. Rhythm and Flow premieres on October 9th.

Hot Takes:

  • They got three artists with very different sounds to scout and coach talent. That’s a great start.
  • I’m gonna watch just to see what Cardi has to say. It’s always entertaining when the camera is pointed at her.
  • I wonder if T.I. will talk about the experience of making this show on his new podcast, ExpediTIously.
  • Who cares if whoever they pick makes it big. We all know the best part of these shows are watching all the flops during the audition process.