BORDER WALL: Pentagon Divert $3.6 Billion to Pay for It

Defense Department officials said Tuesday that the Pentagon will put 127 military construction projects on hold so $3.6 billion can be used to beef up Donald Trump‘s border wall.

As Democrats complained the move is a violation of congressional authority to determine spending, Pentagon officials started to notify representatives linked to the projects that are being delayed.

The plan comes after Trump declared a national emergency in February in an attempt to get billions of dollars Congress refused to give up for his much talked about wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. (The New York Times)

Hot Takes:

  • Trump is always talking about his love and support of the military, but I guess the wall is more important to him.
  • Trump doesn’t want to go back on his word. He said, “Build the wall” and he will.
  • Our country has a lot of problems, including immigration, but is the wall really a priority?