Rapper T-Pain: Costume Playing with Kids

He’s a rapper, singer, producer and gamer. And now you can add cosplayer to the list.

The Masked Singer winner T-Pain took on a new look this past weekend when he transformed into a character from the Tekken 7 video game. He even chose a character that isn’t available to the public yet.

He posted a side-by-side comparison of his cosplay to a screenshot of Leroy Smith on Instagram.

He wore the costume to DragonCon in Atlanta, which he attended with his daughter, who dressed as Red Dead Redemption’s Dutch Van Der Linde.

Hot Takes:

  • The family that cosplays together, stays together.
  • T-Pain seems like a fun dad.
  • What, you didn’t know T-Pain was a serious gamer? Just ask the tens of thousands who subscribe to his Twitch channel.
  • Now I just want to see T-Pain as a downloadable character.