Kevin Hart, Lil Nas X: Questioned His Decision to Come Out

All Twitter can talk about today is Kevin Hart and Lil Nas X.

On this week’s episode of HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, marketing exec Paul Rivera asked Lil Nas about his decision to come out. It turned out Kevin Hart had a lot to say about that, and didn’t quite understand the challenges around coming out.


Here’s what people are saying:

  • Kevin Hart really thought he could rattle Lil Nas X, a veteran of Barb twitter.
  • Decided to watch #TheShop after seeing the video go viral. I wish we could have heard more from Lil Nas X and less Kevin Hart.
  • Kevin really tried to act all innocent and dumb “hate what?” How many glasses of wine did he have?
  • This is extremely awful and now I’m pissed. Who produced this? Why invite Lil Nas X on just to gaslight him?

Hot Takes:

  • It’s not a good look for a guy with a history of homophobic comments.
  • Kevin needs to mind his business.
  • Kevin Hart’s made a lot of headlines this week and none for particularly good reasons.Lil Nas is living his truth. You think he cares about what Kevin Hart has to say?