Kevin Hart: Walking Again but in “Excruciating Pain”

The good new is that Kevin Hart is able to walk again. The bad news is he’s still in a lot of pain.

A week after the comedian’s car crash, his pal Tiffany Haddish tells Entertainment Tonight, “He’s already walking. He’s good.”

But a source tells TMZ the 40-year-old star is “still in excruciating pain.” The sources adds that Kevin is “walking slowly and gingerly.”

The Jumanji star reportedly fractured his spine in three places in the accident.

Another source says his wife, Eniko Parrish, doesn’t want people to worry. “So Eniko has put on a strong face and is saying he is doing well, but it’s very serious. He has suffered a great deal and has a long road ahead.”

The insider adds that “Kevin’s spinal injuries are very serious.”

Hot Takes:

  • We can only hope for the best.
  • His injuries haven’t stop people from blasting Kev for interrupting Lil Nas X. (Vox)
  • You know it’s bad because Kevin hasn’t made any statement since the accident.