Lil Wayne Fan’s Gets Bad News as St. Louis Gig Goes Up in Smoke

Lil Wayne was supposed to perform in St. Louis on Saturday night as part of the Blink-182 tour he’s been on all summer long. The bad news for Weezy fans is the gig went up in smoke after cops were called to the rapper’s hotel.

Wayne broke the news to fans on Twitter, where he wrote, “Sorry not doing the show tonight in St. Louis kuz I was just kik’d out [of] The Ritz and 12 got involved so I gotta slide. That y’all [eff] with me out here. Damn slime. It’s all love though.”

TMZ reports that the Clayton Police Department never asked Weezy and his entourage to leave, and they actually made the decision on their own following a dispute.

As for what caused cops to be called in the first place, there were complaints from staff members of a kush breeze coming out of Weezy’s room. Staff asked him to open his balcony doors to air the room out, and that’s when he lost his cool.

Meanwhile, sources close to Wayne say the problem had nothing to do with what he may have been smoking. He was pissed that an obsessed fan was able to put multiple calls in directly to Wayne’s room.

Hot Takes:

  • Sounds like Wayne and his crew didn’t appreciate being given a hard time by hotel staff or cops.
  • Opening a window while you’re smoking indoors just feels like common courtesy.
  • This is the third Blink-182 tour stop he’s missed.
  • If the issue is really just over someone who won’t stop blowing up your phone, couldn’t you switch to a different room or hotel? Or just unplug it?
  • It’s not cool to blow up and scream on service workers. They were probably just trying to do their jobs.
  • If I’m a celeb staying at a hotel, and some fan manages to get my room number, then yeah, that’s gonna be a problem. Privacy is important to all guests — especially VIPs.