STRIKE: General Motors Worker Walk Off The Job

General Motors workers walked off the job at midnight last night, shutting down 33 manufacturing facilities across the country.

The United Auto Workers’ strike, their first since 2007, affects about 46,000 workers and will cost the auto-maker an estimated $400 million a day. The UAW and GM have been in talks about a new four-year contract. Workers are demanding higher wages, more affordable healthcare and a share of the profits.

President Trump has chimed in on the strike tweeting, “Here we go again with General Motors and the United Auto Workers. Get together and make a deal!” (CBS News)

Hot Takes:

  • The two sides are expected to resume talks this morning.
  • GM believes they have made substantial offers but the UAW says it’s not even close to accepted a deal.
  • GM had a very successful year last year and workers just want their fair slice.