Flavored E-Cigarettes Banned in New York

New York has become the first state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.

The ban comes amid a sudden spike in respiratory illnesses and death as a result of vaping. The ban goes into effect immediately and retailers have been given two weeks to remove the flavored e-cigs from stores. Only menthol and tobacco flavors will get to remain on shelves.

Retailers say they are considering suing the state over the ban which may cause their businesses to close. (The Hill)

Hot Takes:

  • The ban will most certainly put a lot of vape shop owners out of business.
  • The ban also hurts consumers who use the flavored e-cigs to quit smoking tobacco. It could cause them to return to regular cigarettes.
  • The ban has the kids in mind. They’re attracted to flavors like bubblegum and cotton candy.