WEIRD NEWS: Woman dislocated Jaw from Laughing

So much for laughter being the best medicine. A woman in China laughed so hard at a joke that she dislocated her jaw and was left with her mouth stuck open.

The woman was riding a train when the jaw-locking laugh occurred. A call was made for any doctors on board, and luckily for her, there was one. The doctor explained that he was not an expert in setting dislocated jaws and suggested going to a hospital, but train officers said the nearest one was an hour away.

So the doctor offered to attempt to re-set her jaw. His first attempt failed because the woman tensed up her facial muscles. Then, as she was distracted, the doctor tried again and was successful. The woman later explained that she’d dislocated her jaw before from vomiting, so it wasn’t the first time this had happened. (LadBible)

Hot Takes:

  • She better be careful with burping and yawning.
  • I’ve heard of this happening with people taking big bites out of sandwiches.
  • She must have a great sense of humor.