Lil Wayne: Drops Out of the ‘ Life Is Beautiful Festival’

Lil Wayne’s developing a spotty track record when it comes to showing up to concerts.

At three of the dates with Blink-182 this summer, Weezy either no-showed or cut his set way short. Now, he’s done it again at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. One attendee complained on Reddit, “There was a sound clip of three gunshots and a ‘Young Moolah, baby’ and then 10 minutes of silence. At that point, a message came up on the jumbotrons that said “Unfortunately, Lil Wayne will not be able to perform tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Some fans called Wayne out on Twitter for skipping the show without any explanation while others just hoped that he’s okay. (HotNewHipHop)

Hot Takes:

  • If he keeps this up, he’s going to get a reputation like Lauryn Hill.
  • Hopefully everything’s okay behind the scenes.
  • Everyone knows that things come up, artists get sick, etc. but you owe it to your fans to at least communicate with them what’s going on.
  • He’s had health problems in the past. He’s also had issues with security, law enforcement and hotel staff in the past. Who knows what it is this time. Dehydration, maybe?