DRAKE: Rents a Jet to Fly Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are going to fly Air Drake for a team trip to India.

Though Drake is usually a booster for his hometown Toronto Raptors, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive worked out a deal for players and the coaching staff to be chartered by the rapper’s $200 million Boeing 767 jet for an upcoming trip to India.

The team has to spend over 20 hours flying this week to pre-season games in Mumbai, so it makes sense they’d want to be able to be and comfortable while they do it. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Can you imagine an NBA player flying coach? I’m short and I still never feel like I have enough leg room.
  • It’s not even really Drake’s plane. It was given to him by a company called Cargojet to advertise. Though he does get the really sweet perk of using it for free.
  • If I’m part of the Raptors or even the back office, I feel some kind of way about this.
  • This is just business.
  • Do you think the rental price includes pick-up and drop-off, or do you have to go all the way to Canada to get it?
  • Drake should just open up his own commercial airline.