RED MEAT: Eating Less May Be a Bad Idea

For years public health officials have advised the American public to cut down on the consumption of red meat and processed meats due to concerns they could be tied to heart disease, cancer and other diseases. It turns out that maybe that wasn’t the best advice.

On Monday, a group of international researchers concluded that advice is not backed up by strong scientific evidence.

In this new study, researchers found the benefits from eating less beef and pork are small and the advantages are so tiny that they could only be seen when studying large populations. Scientists added that the data wasn’t big enough to advise people to change their consumption of meat. (The New York Times)

Hot Takes:

  • This is a bit of a shocker, but at this point are people going to start eating more meat?
  • This news comes as the meat-substitute Impossible Burger seems to be growing in popularity.
  • Great news! Who’s having the next barbecue?