CHRIS BROWN: Paints Bae’s Face on Tour Bus

Chris Brown still hasn’t confirmed whether Ammika Harris is his baby mama-to-be. But what we can confirm is he’s spray-painted her face on the back of his tour bus.

He posted a picture of the trailer to social media with the caption, “We gone flip dis bus.” Rumor has it that Ammika is carrying Breezy’s second child, but we can’t say for sure. However, she posted a picture of the portrait to her Instagram with the caption, “Literally blushing right now.”

Hot Takes:

  • When Breezy’s in love with someone, he goes hard to show it.
  • C’mon, y’all can’t at least give us a hint?
  • If the pregnancy rumor were completely bogus they would have denied it.
  • He’s a man of many talents — like singing, dancing and painting.