ADELE: Dropping a Duet with Nicki Minaj

Adele has been dropping hints about dropping a new album, and Nicki Minaj just revealed the biggest one yet — about her duet with the superstar.

The hip-hop queen spilled the beans while walking a fashion red carpet in L.A., telling Entertainment Tonight, “Adele made me swear to secrecy that I’m not allowed to tell anyone, [but] I’m working with her and we already shot a music video and it’s an epic song.”

This would be Adele’s first collaboration since 2009, when she guested on “Water and a Flame” by Daniel Merriweather.

Hot Takes:

  • Guess Nicki’s friends now know not to tell her any secrets.
  • On paper, this sounds like a strange mix, but sometimes opposites attract.
  • Adele’s also dating a British rapper now — this could mark a huge change in her sound.
  • Could Adele be going through an early midlife crisis?