RUDY GIULIANI: Refuses to Comply to Congressional Subpoena

Rudy Giuliani, who’s been working as Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer, said Tuesday that he will not comply with a congressional subpoena.

In an interview with ABC News, Giuliani said, “If they enforce it, then we will see what happens.”

He went on to add that Jon Sale is no longer serving as his attorney, but if Congress tries to enforce the subpoena, he will hire a lawyer.

Before Sale wrapped up his services for Giuliani, the attorney fired off a letter to Congress in response to the subpoena that was delivered to Giuliani.

Congress set the deadline of Tuesday for Giuliani to comply with the subpoena that seeks documents for three House committees who are busy with the impeachment inquiry into Trump. (ABC News)

Hot Takes:

  • If Rudy has nothing to hide, why won’t he comply?
  • In their subpoena, Democratic congressmen pointed out that Giuliani had “admitted on national television that, while serving as the president’s personal attorney, he asked the government of Ukraine to target former Vice President Joe Biden.”
  • Lock him up!
  • Rudy’s only trying to help Trump keep America great with a little help from Ukraine.