KANYE WEST: Expect Album ‘Jesus is King’ to Drop on Friday

The wait is almost over for Kanye West fans eagerly anticipating his next album.

If you take Kanye at his word, you can expect Jesus Is King to drop on Friday. He announced the date on Twitter early Monday and said it will coincide with the release of his IMAX movie.

Tickets are already on sale for the flick, but if Kanye’s past comments are any indication, we have a reason to be skeptical of the album release date. Last year around this time, Yeezy announced plans for an album called Yandhi that never came out. He’s set and missed two different release dates for Jesus Is King since late-September.

Hot Takes:

  • I’m not gonna hold my breath.
  • I’m hoping and praying that the album actually drops when he says it will.
  • We’ve previously heard that he had an album ready to go last month and wound up getting a lot of pushback from his label.
  • Is that enough time for him to finish tinkering with stuff?
  • He wants all eyes and ears on him this Friday.
  • Wonder why he came back to promote it himself. Is Kim getting tired of being involved with his antics?