PRINCE WILLIAM: Air Scare Forced to Abort a Landing

Kate Middleton and Prince William survived an air scare. Traveling this week in Pakistan during extreme weather, their flight was forced to abort a landing. Twice.

Another passenger complained of near-misses by lightning strikes. The turbulence bounced the plane. The wings dipped left and right like a terrifying carnival ride. (Us Weekly)

After two failed landing attempts, the pilots returned to the original airport. A reporter aboard the flight tweeted, “Two aborted landings at Islamabad due to the storm and we’re back in Lahore.”

Hot Takes:

  • Prince William joked with the media that he was the one in the cockpit flying the plane.
  • What was scheduled as a 25-minute flight took more than two hours.
  • For two long hours, Prince Harry may have been emotionally torn between possibly losing his brother and the thought of being closer in line to the throne.