SNOOP DOGG: Sparking up Four Dozen Joints

Snoop Dogg celebrated his 48th birthday by sparking up four dozen joints!

Uncle Snoop rang in his new year with 48 J’s to commemorate each of his 48 years. The gift was made by a “cannabis floral designer” who was commissioned by Snoop’s canna-co, Merry Jane. Half of the joints were sleepy indica strains, while the other half were filled with sativa. The bouquet from Flowers on Flowers also included 12 plant clones — four small and eight tall. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • That’s one way to give someone their flowers while they’re here.
  • After smoking that much, you might need a few birthday cakes to try and cure the munchies.
  • Start with the sativa side first or you might pass out before you finish.