Suge Knight: Sold Life Story to Ray J

Suge Knight just handed over his life to Ray J. The Death Row founder sold rights to his life story to Ray.

The imprisoned onetime mogul trusts Ray J to do right by him and pick the right projects. Suge thinks his life could make a great movie, TV or even a book.

A documentary project on Suge and his label is already in the works. So is a Tupac project. There have been talks about bringing back the Death Row name and restarting the label. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Ray J has shown his business acumen in recent years with a series of investments.
  • His investment portfolio includes consumer electronics, electric scooters and cannabis.
  • The question is, who should play Suge?
  • Whoever gets the role better study up. We’ve seen what happens when Suge disagrees with the direction of a movie or how he’s being portrayed.
  • What would it really mean to bring back Death Row in 2019?
  • How funny would it be if Ray J goes out and pitches a movie where he plays all the big parts?
  • This may run afoul of the Son of Sam law which prevents convicts from profiting from their crimes. And there’s no way to tell Suge’s story without his rap sheet.