RIHANNA: Surprise Drake for His Birthday Bash

Drake got a surprise at his birthday bash. Rihanna rolled in to celebrate.

Drake turns 33 on Thursday. He’s partying throughout his birthday week. Monday night, friends gathered at Hollywood’s Poppy nightclub.

An eyewitness said, (quote) “Security escorted Rihanna to Drake’s table. He had a huge smile and looked excited to see Rihanna. They talked for a while and were smiling and laughing.”

Rihanna and her two girlfriends stayed for several more hours. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson shared scenes from inside the party on her Instagram Story. She hung with Rihanna and munched on the McDonald’s that Drake had delivered by Uber Eats. (E! News)

Hot Takes:

  • If only Rihanna would’ve popped out of Drake’s birthday cake.
  • Drake accomplished quite a bit before reaching his Jesus Year.
  • Still friends with Drake, who is still stuck in the friend zone.
  • Rihanna’s dated Hassan Jameel for a couple years now.
  • Drake will never delete Rihanna from his contacts. I bet she will one day delete Drake.